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Lora Bay house for sale The Blue Mountains

Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Georgian Bay, the community of Lora Bay stands as a testament to relaxed elegance and refined charm. A popular destination for both visitors and locals alike, Lora Bay provides a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, making it an idyllic place for those who crave a lifestyle of leisure and simplicity. Stunning views of the water are perfectly juxtaposed with the lush green of the surroundings, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and peaceful solitude seekers alike.

Known for its prestigious golf course, Lora Bay provides a pastime that marries sports and tranquility, allowing residents and guests an engaging experience against a serene landscape. The course’s thoughtfully designed layout invites both seasoned players and new enthusiasts, offering varying levels of difficulty that prove to be both challenging and enjoyable. Time seems to slow down here, inviting existential contemplation among the riveting rounds of golf. The lifestyle offered by Lora Bay caters to those who crave serene experiences rich in quality and steeped in natural beauty.


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Lora Bay Homes for sale

For the golf enthusiast seeking a residential haven, distinctively designed homes around the esteemed golf course are available. The revered golf course architect, Thomas McBroom is the creative mind behind this exquisite landscape that seamlessly merges with the architectural splendor. These aesthetically pleasing homes, set against the backdrop of the idyllic course and tranquil lakes, offers a stunning mix of elegance and serenity reserved for a select few.

Exquisitely designed with a fusion of contemporary and traditional features, these homes evoke a modern elegance. The heart of every home, the kitchen, has been meticulously crafted to include the latest features and comfort for a seamless culinary experience. Positioned on the shores of the Georgian Bay, the vista from these homes creates a picturesque setting that is unrivaled. These homes are not merely investment pieces but spaces that offer a unique living experience, blending luxury with the tranquility of nature.

Lora Bay Thornbury Waterfront Community

Sitting at the edges of the sparkling waters, the community poses an idyllic blend of comfort and natural beauty. The homes here are thoughtfully designed with spacious bedrooms offering magnificent views of the Blue Mountains. Opportunities for indoor dining also abound, enabling residents to savor gastronomic delights while enjoying vistas of the serene landscape.

The lifestyle of this waterfront community is about more than just picturesque surroundings, it’s a hub of activities, woven seamlessly into its fabric. Most notable is the yard championship layout, a golfer’s paradise coalescent with the breathtaking panorama. From simple strolls in the cool breeze to adventurous mountain biking, the spectrum of recreation is diverse and gratifying. This holistic living approach has made this community truly emblematic of the best that Lora Bay has to offer.

Cottages at Lora Bay

Conveniently minutes away from downtow Thornbury, these quaint abodes offer an unparalleled living experience. As one ventures into this tranquil neighbourhood, they are welcomed by the spectacular views of lush landscapes and the clear blue waters of Georgian Bay. These picturesque sights are both soothing and captivating, making for tranquil mornings and mesmerizing sunsets.

Within the same community, residents have access to the comprehensive rec centre. Spanning over 10,000 sqft, the facility is fully equipped to cater to various recreational needs, from sports to leisure activities. The vibrant community also allows locals to engage with each other in friendly competition or simply sit back and relax in a fulfilling atmosphere of camaraderie.

The Masters at Lora Bay

Complimented by a vibrant golf course community, stunning residences form the heart of The Masters. This prestigious enclave is known for its exceptional blend of luxury and comfort, offering its residents more than just a home. With over 2200+ feet of living space, The Masters’ residences provide ample room for families of all sizes, undeniably making it a sought-after destination by many.

At the crux of this community lies its centerpiece, the Lora Bay Golf. Often described as golfers’ paradise, the Lora Bay Golf Course offers an impressive championship layout, combining natural landscapes with immaculately maintained fairways and a world-class club house. Residents here do not simply experience golf, they truly live it, resulting in a lifestyle that is luxuriously laid-back and replete with activities for both golf aficionados and beginners alike. The Masters at Lora Bay redefines elegant living amidst a golfer’s haven.

What are the Lora Bay Amenities?

Lora Bay offers an unparalleled experience of resort-style living with its breeze-filled, life-enriching amenities. There’s no better way to embrace the beauty of this charming town than by taking advantage of the amenities that cater to your wellness and leisure. Start your day taking in serene views during a vigorous exercise in the state-of-the-art fitness center, or perhaps with a refreshing dip at the indoor or outdoor pool depending on the season. As day turns to dusk, feast your eyes on the stunning views of Georgian Bay, hosting a witch’s brew of vibrant hues during sunset, enhancing your outdoor dining experience at Lora Bay’s magnificent restaurant.

The amenities don’t stop at just personal wellness and dining. There are also social and recreational facilities that enhance the overall experience of life in this quaint town to keep you engaged! For golf enthusiasts, Lora Bay features an award-winning 18-hole championship golf course – a testament to the perfect blend of natural beauty and professional course design. Meanwhile, nature lovers will appreciate the miles of walking, biking, and running trails – not to mention, the extensive wildlife in the surrounding preserved areas. Whether it’s social, recreational, or personal, Lora Bay’s amenities undoubtedly enrich the living experience.

Lora Bay Rec Center

Boasting an array of amenities designed to support an active lifestyle, the state-of-the-art recreation center is a jewel in the crown of Lora Bay. The layout of the center incorporates a multitude of features meant to cater to athletic, recreational, and fitness-oriented pursuits. Included in these are a fully equipped gym, space for various sports and classes, and areas for casual and competitive socializing. The center’s modern design promotes an atmosphere of invitation and community, readily welcoming residents after a day spent enjoying the greater Collingwood, Blue Mountains and Creemore area.

Being a part of Lora Bay means more than exclusive access to the recreation center though. The property also extends to a private resident’s beach, offering pristine sands, clear waters, and a curated outdoor experience unparalleled in its tranquility and natural beauty. The beach serves the perfect backdrop for family outings, solo relaxation, or community gatherings, continually making Lora Bay an ideal place for those who seek both an active and serene lifestyle. The proximity to nature coupled with the well-thought-out amenities truly sets Lora Bay apart.

Homes on Lora Bay Golf Course

The properties at this pristine location provide the perfect refuge for the golf enthusiasts. Equipped with expansive outdoor spaces, these homes boast extensive patios where homeowners can enjoy a quick conversation over a cup of coffee or a BBQ party with friends while gazing at the inviting lush fairways and meticulously maintained putting greens. The views from these homes offer a sense of peace that’s rarely matched.

Beyond the spectacular golfing experience, these homes offer proximity to the renowned Nottawasaga Bluffs Caves Hike in the Blue Mountains area, adding a tinge of adventure to the life of the residents. When not basking in the comfort of their abodes or challenging themselves on the golf course, residents can also engage in a game of pool or share a drink in the sports lounge adjacent to tee deck, providing the perfect end to a beautiful day.

Lora Bay Shared Facilities

Spanning over 580 acres, Lora Bay includes more than just exquisite homes. The upcoming community centre boasts of more shared facilities, making it an attractive destination for residents on the lookout for a comprehensive living experience. Be it the communal gymnasium covering thousands of square feet, equipped with the latest fitness machinery, or the extraordinary assembly rooms that host regular social activities, Lora Bay goes above and beyond in providing a vibrant community lifestyle.

Notably, Lora Bay Beach is the centre of numerous open-air activities. Establishing itself as a recreational hotspot, it offers residents endless hours of sun, sand, and surf. The private ski clubs, another unparalleled amenity, provide an adventure-filled snowy retreat during the winter months. In essence, the shared facilities at Lora Bay are designed with the objective of fostering a dynamic community spirit while ensuring each resident has access to a broad range of amenities.

Does Lora Bay have a Private Beach?

Located on the sparkling shores of Georgian Bay, Lora Bay certainly boasts an exclusive, private beach that serves as the perfect spot for residents and their guests to soak in the summer sun and have a splash. With stunning views of blue waters meeting clear skies, the beach is a tranquil and picturesque spot that has something for everyone. Whether you prefer swimming, paddleboarding, sandcastle building or simply lounging with a good book, the private beach offers it all for residents from all the homes and community sections including the cottages and the masters.

Living in Lora Bay isn’t just about experiencing remarkable natural beauty but also having access to a vibrant social calendar that keeps the residents engaged year-long. The private beach serves as a hub for many such community events and gatherings. From beach yoga sessions and picnics to barbeques and bonfires, the beach becomes the core of festivities, strengthening the sense of community within Lora Bay. This pulsating social scene adds a unique charm to the master’s lifestyle and makes the cottages an attractive housing option as well. Here, it’s not just about the premium residential experience; it’s about building lifelong friendships over shared experiences.

Lora Bay house for sale in Blue Mountains

Lora Bay’s finely crafted designs offer an assortment of luxury homes. The Master’s Collection offers 5 options – Pebble Beach, Muirfield, Turnberry, St. Andrews, and Nairn. Starting from 2208 sq. ft. to 2628 sq. ft. these country-inspired properties can become your permanent, sophisticated Thornbury home with their own lofts.

The Cottages Collection is also available for buyers who are considering holiday homes.  All spacious, detached bungalow types, condo cottages have 2-4 bedrooms while bigger homes have 2-6.

Aside from the fact that you can take a dip at Lora Bay Beach, or drive in just minutes to the famous Blue Mountain Resort, you can also enjoy nearby amenities or outdoor activities: The Championship Golf Course – Score a hole in one with your family or buddies and enjoy high quality services during your stay.

The Cottages for sale Lora Bay

As Lora Bay is also close to downtown Thornbury, anyone can enjoy the familiarity of city life in the quaintness of cafes and small shops. Talk to one of our agents now to discuss your options!

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