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Lighthouse Point Collingwood

Lighthouse Point Collingwood Condos for sale

Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, Lighthouse Point serves as a premier residential destination admired for its unique charm and allure. Its picturesque landscape, coupled with unparalleled facilities, makes it an enviable choice for individuals and families seeking a serene and posh living space. The property is known for its unique fusion of classic architectural design and modern elegance, where every unit embodies a promising ambient living experience.

The quality of life at Lighthouse Point is astoundingly enriched by its world-class amenities. These include but are not limited to state-of-the-art recreational facilities, lush gardens, tranquil communal spaces, and exquisite dining options, all of which contribute to an echo of comfortable living. This perfect blend of comfort, culture, and convenience makes life at Lighthouse Point all the more exceptional, offering a delightful environment that any family would dream to call home.


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Lighthouse Point Condos for sale

Lighthouse Point condos for sale

Situated near the mesmerizing waters of Georgian Bay, the appeal of Lighthouse Point Condos extends far beyond their beautiful exterior. Residents have the luxury to choose from a wide variety of condos, all of which are specially designed to provide an excellent living experience. Whether it’s a one, two, or three-bedroom condo, each unit is outfitted with modern amenities and located near the waterfront, providing breathtaking views of the bay and immediate access to the beach.

Furthermore, the Lighthouse Point Condos community offers residents an impressive list of amenities. The outdoor pool is one such highlight that is a hub of social activity in warmer months. Residents can enjoy a refreshing swim, lounge pool-side, or participate in community-organized events. Providing ample opportunities for relaxation, socialization, and a sense of community, the Lighthouse Point Condos truly embody the charm and leisure of life by the waters of Georgian Bay.

Lighthouse Point Condos have an average sale price between $450,000 to $1,500,000. The Condos for sale at Lighthouse Point do not stay on the market long. The condos are highly sought after and sell very fast. The reason Lighthouse Point Condos sell fast is because it is the perfect community for professionals, families and retirees.

  • Price Range: $350,000 – 1,500,000
  • Bedrooms range between 1 to 4 bedroom
  • Approximate Size: 900 – 2800 sq. ft.

Lighthouse Point Condo Listings

Lighthouse Point condos for sale

With several properties available on the real estate market, potential residents have a plethora of choices when it comes to condo listings at Lighthouse Point. Ranging from opulent multi-floor units that offer breathtaking views of the waterfront, to cozier, budget-friendly options that still provide accessibility to the wealth of amenities that the community has to offer. Each condo is designed with careful attention to aesthetics and construction, ensuring a perfect union of style and functionality.

In such a diverse market, finding a condo that matches your preferences is a hassle-free process. Each listing showcases detailed descriptions of the property with up-to-date images, pricing information, total area, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Properties situated closer to the waterfront and the Rec Center fall into the higher price range due to their prime location, while condos further inland are more cost-effective, offering comfortable living spaces for those looking for more budget-friendly options.

Lighthouse Point Listings make for an ideal Ski Condo. Lighthouse Ski Condos are truly a 4 season destination due to the proximity on Georgian Bay. Lighthouse Point Marina offers instant access to the Nottawasaga Bay. Lighthouse Point Marina which can comfortably hold 275 boats. If the Marina is not your speed relax in Lighthouse Point Community Centre.

What are the Lighthouse Point Amenities?

Lighthouse Point Amenities

Here is a list of Lighthouse Point Amenities:

  • 10 acre nature reserve
  • Indoor pool
  • 3 outdoor pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Large recreation centre
  • Marina
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Several kms of shoreline.
  • Fitness Center
  • Walking Trails
  • Hot Tubs

Lighthouse Point in Collingwood has the best amenities compared to other Collingwood Condo Listings

Lighthouse Point Collingwood Waterfront Community

Lighthouse Point Collingwood Waterfront Community

Sprawling across a generous 100-acre scenic landscape, the community naturally exudes a captivating charm that sets it apart. Peppered with an amalgamation of 539 condos and townhomes, the property is a symbol of modern living blended seamlessly with authenticity. A key feature that’s central to the community’s ethos is the commitment to maintaining an environment-friendly stance. To this effect, every residence offers the convenience of outdoor parking, ensuring minimal strain on land resources.

Further enriching the quality of life at this picturesque property is a range of impressive amenities. The jewel in the crown is arguably the indoor pool that enables residents to enjoy a refreshing swim, no matter the season. Combined with the immersive sense of camaraderie that pervades the community, it’s easy to see why Lighthouse Point is considered an idyllic choice for those seeking a dynamic living space that promotes well-rounded development.

What are the Lighthouse Point Recreational Facilities?

Lighthouse Point recreation facilities

Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Lighthouse Point serves as a prominent destination, offering a vast array of amenities that are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of its residents. It is famed for its beautifully landscaped gardens, a perfect place for residents to enjoy a tranquil afternoon stroll, engage in a friendly picnic, or even host their personal, outdoor events. From the breathtaking views of Georgian Bay to the numerous pathways that weave through the community, Lighthouse Point distinctly promotes a healthy and active lifestyle right in an idyllic setting.

One of the major highlights of Lighthouse Point is its extensive line-up of recreational facilities. Enthusiasts of boating will particularly appreciate the availability of a manicured marina, allowing them to seamlessly enjoy their water excursions. Complementing this is the presence of world-class tennis & pickleball courts, providing a perfect venue for both expert and beginners alike to enjoy a game while soaking in the picturesque surroundings. Undoubtedly, the amenities at Lighthouse Point are carefully curated to ensure the satisfaction and delight of every resident, addressing both their relaxation and recreational needs.

Lighthouse Point Rec Center

Lighthouse Point Rec Center

Lighthouse Point Shared Facilities is also known as the Lighthouse Point Community Centre or Lighthouse Point Rec Centre. The Community Centre at Lighthouse Point has a 16,000 sq ft recreation centre which features a fully equipped gym, offices, library, indoor pool, hot tubs and lounge. The Lighthouse Point Rec Centre overlooks Georgian Bay. If you’re the parent of a child or teen, you’ll also be pleased to know that the community centre has its own games room. The Lighthouse Point community centre is funded by the condos fees. Conveniently situated in one of the most popular waterfront condo communities, the Recreation Centre promises an impressive array of amenities. It boasts arguably the best facilities in any similar development in the area, making Lighthouse Point a desirable home. The spacious and well-maintained parking is just one of the key features that set this facility apart, with ample space for vehicles of all sizes.

One particularly significant element making this facility a focal point of the community is the expansive pool. It is not only a place for leisurely relaxation and socializing but also a hub for fitness and wellness activities. The pool reflects the development’s commitment to promoting a balanced and active lifestyle among its residents, thereby accentuating the Rec Center’s central role in the community.

Lighthouse Point Yacht and Tennis Club

Lighthouse Point Yacht and Tennis Club

At the heart of this inclusive community, you will find the distinguished Yacht and Tennis Club. This facility embodies the essence of an active lifestyle, offering amenities designed for all ages and interests. Among these amenities is an outdoor saltwater pool, loved by full-time resident owners and visitors alike. The outdoor saltwater pool, maintained at optimal temperature, is a perfect retreat in the summer heat, offering a refreshing, healthful alternative to the workout options.

The club also takes full advantage of its unique location situated amongst preserved wetlands, serving as the optimal space for residents to commune with nature and stay active. Activities and events are organized throughout the year, encouraging participation from the community. The tennis courts are another favorite, with instruction and leagues available for varying levels of skill and experience. Despite its serene setting, the club imbues an overall essence of vitality, catering to those who crave an active lifestyle amidst nature’s bounty.

Lighthouse Point Shared Facilities

Lighthouse Point Shared Facilities

One of the major attractions of the Lighthouse Point community is undoubtedly its shared facilities. Combining utility and luxury, these shared amenities include an upscale fitness centre – a popular feature that adds incredible value to residents’ lives. The fitness centre provides state-of-the-art equipment and spacious areas for exercise that help to promote healthy living within the community. There’s an appeal to being able to enjoy such amenities right at your doorstep, presenting the ultimate in convenience and accessibility.

Additionally, Lighthouse Point hosts a range of social programs that further elevate resident engagement. These programs cater to various age groups and interests, contributing to a vibrant community culture replete with social activities. From children’s playgroups to senior chair yoga, there’s something for everyone here. This sense of community extends to the diversity in residential offerings, with a variety of condo choices that cater to different lifestyle needs and budgets. All these facets work in harmony to ensure a fulfilling and enriched living experience at Lighthouse Point.

Does Lighthouse Point have a Marina?

Lighthouse Point Marina

Tucked away within the stunning landscape of Lighthouse Point, a well-equipped marina makes the community more vibrant. The Lighthouse Point Marina which can comfortably hold 275 boats, has its own private clubhouse, outdoor pool exclusive for the owners of the boat slips. Boat Slips are separately owned by residents and can only be used by residents. Known for its serene surroundings, this waterfront community offers exclusive access to its marina, an elegant addition that caters to the needs of residents and slip owners. It provides all essential facilities, ensuring a harmonious blend of convenience and luxury for the boat lovers. The marina becomes a gateway to explore the beauty of Georgian Bay, making it an indispensable part of the Lighthouse Point living experience.

Lush green walking trails encircle the marina, adding a charming pastoral touch to its modern convenience. The serene strolling paths present a picturesque amalgamation of the community’s natural beauty and man-made elegance. On-site, each unit has a detached garage offering storage solutions to maintain your boating equipment securely. This dedicated space is a testament to the well-thought-out planning of Lighthouse Point, where even the minute details cater to building an upscale lifestyle for the residents and slip owners alike.

How close is Lighthouse Point to Blue Mountain for skiing?

Lighthouse Point to Blue Mountain for skiing

Lighthouse Point in Collingwood, Ontario, is very close to Blue Mountain for skiing. It offers convenient access to the Blue Mountain ski resort and village, the property is within a 10-minute drive of Blue Mountain and the Village at Blue, making it an ideal location for those looking to enjoy the skiing and snowboarding activities offered at Blue Mountain or any of the other Ski Clubs. The proximity of Lighthouse Point to Blue Mountain makes it a convenient and attractive accommodation option for individuals and families looking to enjoy the ski season in the area.


What are the Condo Fees at Lighthouse Point?

Condo Fees at Lighthouse Point

At Lighthouse Point, condo fees are a crucial part of the cost of living. The costs are crucial to maintaining the standard of living and services provided in the community. These fees are generally in line with the industry standards and are set out clearly, providing residents with a clear idea of what their financial obligations entail. It’s important to note that these rates can fluctuate based on various factors, including unit size, location, and the specific amenities available to each resident.

The condo fees at Lighthouse Point cover a range of services and perks. These include maintenance and repairs of common areas, snow removal and landscape management, upkeep of the property’s shared facilities such as recreational centers, yacht and tennis club among other amenities. They also include utilities in many cases, further reducing the number of individual bills residents must pay separately. The cost per unit varies, but the administration’s commitment to full transparency ensures that homeowners understand what they’re paying for and why.

The average Lighthouse Point Condo Fees are as follows:

  • One bedroom condo fee starting at $350 per month
  • Two bedroom condo unit are $450 to $700 per month
  • Larger condo units are $500 to $1000 per month
  • Islander building condo units are $400.00 to $500.00 per month

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How are the facilities at Lighthouse Point different than Blue Shores?

Lighthouse Point and Blue Shores offer similar facilities. Lighthouse Point is an amenity-rich waterfront community with features such as multiple tennis & pickleball courts, pools, beaches, hot tubs, a Recreation centre with a very large party room with kitchen overlooking Georgian Bay, an indoor pool, hot tubs & saunas, a fitness room, kids games room and library. Kayak & paddleboard storage with lake access. In addition there is a marina with privately owned boat slips and a separate Marina owner Rec centre with private pool. Similarly Blue Shores offers its own set of amenities, which include lakefront tennis courts on a peninsula, an outdoor pool with lake views, a recreation center with indoor swimming pool, party room with kitchen, workout room & library and access to the waterfront. Blue Shores also has a marina with privately owned slips for residents. The major difference between Lighthouse Point and Blue Shores is that Lighthouse is a larger property with many more units of both condos & townhouse style homes. Blue Shores is single family detached freehold bungalows with shared ammenities. Since Lighthouse Point is larger there are more pools spread out over the property and the Rec Center is larger to accommodate the residents. 

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