Georgian Meadows Collingwood

Georgian Meadows Collingwood Georgian Meadows Collingwood is located on Sixth Street at 10th Concession across from Fisher Fields Soccer Field on the west side of Collingwood. Georgian Meadows has 427 single family freehold homes built between 2001 – 2014 by Reid Heritage Homes.
Georgian Meadows Year Number of Sales Combined Days on Market Average List Price Average Sale Price Average Sale/List Price Average Number of New Listings Number of Sales List to Sale Ratio
2019 24 37 632,157 604,475 98.40% 37 24 0.65
2020 19 29 733,415 726,036 98.60% 27 19 0.70
2021 16 9 917,144 927,594 103.30% 18 16 0.89
2022 19 24 1,074,825 1,136,844 100.00% 39 19 0.49
2023 13 72 1,084,358 950,369 97.50% 38 13 0.34
23 vs 22
2024 YTD* (June) 6 38 1,052,088 1,001,000 98.10% 17 6 0.35

Are there homes for sale in Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Georgian Meadows Collingwood features several homes for sale. Homes for sale include various sizes and styles. Various sizes and styles cater to diverse buyer preferences. Diverse buyer preferences drive the demand for such homes. Demand for such homes indicates a vibrant real estate market. A vibrant real estate market offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Opportunities for buyers and sellers fluctuate with market conditions. Market conditions can vary based on location, amenities, and price points. Location, amenities, and price points make Georgian Meadows an attractive option. An attractive option, Georgian Meadows provides a community lifestyle. A community lifestyle benefits from nearby schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Nearby schools, parks, and recreational facilities enhance living standards. Enhanced living standards in Georgian Meadows appeal to those seeking quality of life. Seeking quality of life, potential homeowners explore Georgian Meadows for property purchases. Property purchases in Georgian Meadows reflect the area’s desirability and the legitimacy of inquiries about homes for sale.

What are the home prices in Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Home prices in Georgian Meadows Collingwood vary by size and style. Size and style influence the market value of homes. The market value of homes reflects the area’s desirability. The area’s desirability stems from its location and community amenities. Location and community amenities attract potential buyers. Potential buyers find a range of options in Georgian Meadows. A range of options includes single-family homes and bungalows. Single-family homes and bungalows cater to diverse preferences. Diverse preferences impact demand and pricing. Demand and pricing dynamics fluctuate with market conditions. Market conditions in Collingwood indicate a healthy real estate environment. A healthy real estate environment supports property value appreciation. Property value appreciation benefits homeowners and investors. Homeowners and investors seek areas like Georgian Meadows for stability and growth. Stability and growth in Georgian Meadows signal a promising investment for prospective buyers. Prospective buyers consider Georgian Meadows a prime location for real estate acquisition. Real estate acquisition in Georgian Meadows represents an opportunity for residential or investment purposes.

Which schools are located near Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Schools located near Georgian Meadows Collingwood include Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School and St. Mary’s Catholic School. Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School and St. Mary’s Catholic School cater to different educational needs. Different educational needs ensure a comprehensive education for the community. A comprehensive education supports a strong academic foundation. A strong academic foundation is crucial for student development. Student development benefits from proximity to quality schools. Proximity to quality schools enhances the appeal of Georgian Meadows for families. The appeal of Georgian Meadows for families is evident in the community’s planning. Community planning around educational facilities emphasizes the value of accessibility. The value of accessibility to education highlights the importance of location in real estate decisions. Importance of location in real estate decisions affects property values and community growth. Property values and community growth reflect the desirability of living near schools like Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School and St. Mary’s Catholic School. Living near these schools offers educational advantages to residents of Georgian Meadows Collingwood.

What parks are in Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Parks or green spaces near Georgian Meadows Collingwood

Parks near Georgian Meadows Collingwood include Black Ash Park and Georgian Meadows Park. Black Ash Park and Georgian Meadows Park offer recreational spaces for residents. Recreational spaces foster community engagement and outdoor activities. Community engagement and outdoor activities promote a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is supported by access to green spaces. Access to green spaces enhances the appeal of living in Georgian Meadows. The appeal of living in Georgian Meadows attracts families and individuals alike. Families and individuals value the proximity to parks for leisure and recreation. Leisure and recreation opportunities contribute to the quality of life. The quality of life in Georgian Meadows is enriched by its parks and recreational facilities. Parks and recreational facilities provide a venue for exercise, relaxation, and community events. Exercise, relaxation, and community events foster a vibrant community atmosphere. A vibrant community atmosphere underscores the desirability of Georgian Meadows as a residential area. The desirability of Georgian Meadows as a residential area reflects the importance of parks in urban planning. Urban planning that incorporates parks and recreational areas offers substantial benefits to residents.

What amenities can be found in Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Natural environment around Georgian Meadows Collingwood

Amenities in Georgian Meadows Collingwood cater to a variety of lifestyles. A variety of lifestyles benefit from proximity to parks, schools, and recreational trails. Proximity to parks includes Black Ash Park and Georgian Meadows Park, offering green spaces for relaxation and play. Relaxation and play are enhanced by the community’s access to the Collingwood Trails system. The Collingwood Trails system encourages outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Hiking and biking promote a healthy lifestyle among residents. A healthy lifestyle is further supported by nearby shopping and dining options. Nearby shopping and dining options add convenience and leisure to daily life. Convenience and leisure are crucial for a balanced community atmosphere. A balanced community atmosphere attracts families and individuals seeking quality living conditions. Quality living conditions in Georgian Meadows are complemented by the area’s scenic beauty, including views of the Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay. Scenic beauty adds to the appeal of Georgian Meadows, making it a sought-after location for homeowners. Making Georgian Meadows a sought-after location underscores the importance of well-rounded community amenities for residents .

Are there energy-efficient homes in Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Georgian Meadows house for sale

Energy-efficient homes are indeed available in Georgian Meadows Collingwood. Available energy-efficient homes include those built by developers committed to sustainability. Developers committed to sustainability focus on incorporating energy-saving features. Energy-saving features contribute to reduced utility costs and environmental impact. Reduced utility costs and environmental impact appeal to eco-conscious buyers. Eco-conscious buyers value homes with efficient insulation, advanced heating systems, and renewable energy sources. Efficient insulation, advanced heating systems, and renewable energy sources ensure lower energy consumption. Lower energy consumption benefits homeowners financially and environmentally. Financially and environmentally beneficial, these features make Georgian Meadows an attractive option for sustainable living. Sustainable living in Georgian Meadows supports a community-oriented towards energy efficiency and conservation. Energy efficiency and conservation in home design reflect a growing trend in real estate development. Real estate development focusing on energy efficiency meets the demands of modern homeowners seeking greener living options.

How does the location of Georgian Meadows compare to Lakeside Point? 

Living at Georgian Meadows places you between downtown Collingwood and Blue Mountain, ideal for skiing enthusiasts. On the other hand, Lakeside Pointe is a waterfront area in the east end of Collingwood both with single-family homes. Georgian Meadows offers a location perfect for families who enjoy skiing, as well as close to schools and town amenities while Lakeside Pointe provides a waterfront living experience in Collingwood, while close to the hospital and downtown, both are situated on the edge of town, on opposite sides. 

Georgian Meadows real estate agent

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