Mountaincroft Collingwood

Mountaincroft Collingwood

Mountaincroft Collingwood, is a residential development located at on the North East side of High Street and Poplar side Road in Collingwood.

How many homes are in Mountaincroft?

Mountaincroft consists of 382 single-family homes, including bungalows and two-story models. The homes in Mountaincroft range from 2 to 4 bedrooms and in size from 1270 to 3080 square feet. 

How big is Mountaincroft development in Collingwood?

Mountaincroft developement is 55.673 Acres (22.530 Hectares)

Homes for sale in Mountaincroft Collingwood

Mountaincroft is a well planned neighbourhood. It is located at the Poplar Sideroad and High Street. It was constructed in 6 phases and is close to necessities such as schools, shopping centers. Plus, it is only a few minutes drive from downtown Collingwood. The neighbourhood has great amenities, you can find great hiking trails, cycling trials, snowmobile trails and ski slopes too. Also, a number of golf clubs, Blue Mountain Village and Georgian Bay are only a few minutes away.

The houses in Mountaincroft are single-family homes. There are two-storey models and bungalows. All the homes have full basements. You can get houses with between 2 and 4 bedrooms, ranging in size from 1100 to 3220 sq ft. The houses are built in a Craftsman style. This means that they have full brick or wood siding some with cedar shake accents. Thanks to this form of construction, they are cohesive with the surrounding environment. There are different options for the interior and exterior design.

Homes for sale in Mountaincroft Collingwood

Nestled in a charming enclave, a variety of brick single-family homes can be found, appealing to a broad spectrum of potential homeowners. These properties, often masterfully crafted by Grandview Homes, showcase a seamless blend of modern comforts and classic elegance. Each home boasts superior quality finishes and top-notch appliances that promise a refined living experience for all residents.

Ideal for families big and small, the neighbourhood’s proximity to Blue Mountain, Georgian Bay and Downtown’s Hurontario Street further enhances its desirability. With the perfect combination of spacious interiors, outdoor living spaces, and accessible local amenities, these homes offer a superior living standard. The undeniable charm of Mountaincroft Collingwood is indeed worth exploring for all homebuyers.

What are the amenities in Mountaincroft Collingwood?

Mountaincroft Collingwood is a vibrant community that offers a plethora of amenities to its residents. The neighbourhoods in the area are designed for comfort and convenience, with houses boasting well-structured bathroom designs, spacious layouts, and modern aesthetics. Parks, trails, and open green spaces are plentiful, allowing residents a generous dose of nature and outdoor activities to enjoy.

Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find several top-tier golf clubs, perfect for both beginners and seasoned golfers. The proximity to Georgian Bay provides unique opportunities for water-related activities, such as boating, fishing, and swimming. Local shopping centers, eateries, and entertainment venues further add to the appeal of this area, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. With everything from beautiful homes to exciting recreational options, Mountaincroft Collingwood certainly embodies the definition of a well-rounded community.

What school district is Mountaincroft subdivision?

Mountaincroft subdivision is close to St Mary’s school and Notre Dame De La Huronie  schools. Mountaincroft Collingwood is situated in a prime location that offers a variety of educational institutions nearby. Mountaincroft is part of the Simcoe County School District School Board and Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. Cameron Street Public School is an excellent school located approximately 5 km from Mountaincroft development, with kindergarten through grade 8.  St. Mary’s Catholic School is also an excellent school located approximately under half a km from Mountaincroft development.

In addition to easy access to numerous schools, the community of Mountaincroft Collingwood entertains a healthy, outdoor lifestyle by boasting a number of hiking trails and ski slopes in its vicinity. Particularly, residents of single-family homes can make the most of these recreational activities all year round. This presents a fantastic opportunity for kids to grow up in a natural environment whilst ensuring their academic needs are well catered to.

Are there any healthcare facilities near Georgian Meadows Collingwood?

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital is just 4km away from Mountaincroft subdivision. It is also near various healthcare services, including physiotherapy clinics and osteopathy services. Additionally, there are many dentists, sports therapists, chiropractors, orthodontists, optometrists and more. 

What are the property prices in Mountaincroft Collingwood?

Property prices in Mountaincroft Collingwood reflect the area’s growing popularity among both locals and visitors alike. The proximity to the natural beauty of Blue Mountain and the vibrant energy of Blue Mountain Village greatly impacts property values. Be it a 2 bedroom bungalow with single car garage to a sprawling 3200sqft – 4 bedroom, 2 story with a fully finished basement and double car garage properties in this area have a wide range of prices.

As one would imagine, houses closer to the base of Blue Mountain and Blue Mountain Village tend to be priced higher than those a little further away, owing to the convenience and breathtaking views they offer. A quick 10 min drive to the hill, real estate in Mountaincroft Collingwood represents excellent value for money considering the region’s growth potential. The recent trends suggest a steady climb in property prices, reflecting the area’s growing recognition as a residential destination.

Are there any parks or green spaces near Mountaincroft Collingwood?

Mountaincroft Park nestled between the houses in Mountaincroft and St. Mary’s School has a great new playground for both toddlers and older children, a large paved path for scootering, rollerblading etc, a covered picnic shelter, a small sledding hill, generous parking and open space to play. Also a path through the park for safe walks to school.

A neighborhood blessed with nature’s generosity, offers an abundance of parks and green spaces for the residents to enjoy. These scenic spots offer a breath of fresh air amidst urban life, providing opportunities for morning jogs, leisurely strolls, picnic outings, and playdates for children. Notable parks in the vicinity also include Central Park and Heritage Park, each offering its unique charm and amenities. To learn more about these parks and their facilities, individuals can contact the Parks Department at the City of Collingwood.

The green spaces in the Mountaincroft Collingwood area are not only massive expanses of greenery but also contribute to community development. Residents are encouraged to utilize these spaces to promote an active lifestyle and foster community interaction.

How is the real estate market in Mountaincroft Collingwood?

The real estate market in Mountaincroft Collingwood is a dynamic landscape bustling with a mix of  full-time residents, holiday homeowners and investors, This thriving property market is largely driven by the unique location of Mountaincroft, which is nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Georgian Triangle. The area manages to strike a balance between serene countryside living and the convenience of city amenities, making it a magnet for those seeking a quality lifestyle.

What are the popular activities in Mountaincroft Collingwood?

Mountaincroft Collingwood is famous for its rich variety of recreational and entertaining activities that cater to all ages and interests. From hiking and biking to cultural pursuits, there is something for everybody. Nature enthusiasts will find a network of trails that offer stunning views and are perfect for nature walks, bird watching, or biking adventures. This area’s backdrop is the breathtaking landscape of the Blue Mountains, making outdoor activities all the more enjoyable.

For those with a love for the arts and history, visiting Collingwood’s local museum and art galleries can make for a rewarding experience. The town is dotted with charming antique shops and boutique stores, offering a unique shopping experience. Besides, several spots hold exciting community events throughout the year, including fairs, farmer markets, and music festivals. These added layers of cultural richness contribute to boosting the popularity of Mountaincroft Collingwood as a residential area.

Homes for sale near St. Mary’s school Collingwood Ontario

Our team provides clients with access to a variety of good quality homes all over the area. We can guide you along your real estate journey to find the right home or condo. All the neighbourhoods in town are close to the lake and the mountain, Collingwood is a good place to raise a family or even retire.

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