The region constantly attracts adventure seekers in search of adrenaline-filled thrills from all around the world. That is why owning a Rivergrass condo at Blue Mountain is such an enticing option for many aspiring vacation home owners. Residents in this area can also look forward to fantastic restaurants and great shops. Being such a great vacation destination, owning a luxury condo to use as a getaway home or as an income property in Rivergrass is a great idea. These luxury housing units offer easy access to the exciting adventures that the region has to offer. Many of them are available along the pond for those in search of premium level luxury.

The units will be sold fully furnished. So, you don’t have to go through the hassle of decorating and furnishing your home when you purchase a condo with our assistance. And for those buying the condos for vacation, the financial impact of a sporadic usage can be mitigated by taking part in a rental program run by Blue Mountain.

With this setup, you can earn revenue by renting out the condo with a rental company. Use it when you like and make money the rest of the time. There are plenty of visitors to this area since it is a world famous attraction for people in search of outdoor adventures.

Also, besides the condos, our team can help you get whatever sort of lifestyle residence you need. So, if you want a permanent or a lifestyle vacation home, a family home, or even a place to spend your retirement, be assured that we are the right people to guide you towards the housing unit of your choice.
The prices are also quite diverse, just like the excitements the region has in store for you. Therefore, whatever your budget, know that we can help you find the right place for you to spend your vacations, time with your family or your retirement. Housing unit sizes also cater to single families, large families, those looking for a vacation residence. So, however unique your needs, we can help you get the right property, whether it is a Rivergrass condo in the Blue Mountains or another Blue Mountain property.

Blue Mountains is one of the most exciting areas in Ontario. The Blue Mountains area covers Thornbury and Craigleith to the Georgian Bay shore and the Beaver Valley as well as Kalopore Forest and the Pretty River Conservation Area.

Residents of the area can look forward to enjoying fun activities like hiking, biking and even snowboarding. There are exciting activities are available all-year round. Paddling, kayaking, and golfing are also popular activities in the Blue Mountains.

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