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Wasaga Beach and the surrounding area was inhabited by the Huron-Wendat Nation for centuries before they were conquered and driven from their ancestral lands in 1649 by the Iroquois Haudenosaunee (Known as the Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy). Wasaga is a contraction of the Algonquin word Nottawasaga. Nottawa means “Iroquois” and saga means “mouth of the river”; the word “Nottawasaga” was used by Algonquin scouts as a warning if they saw Iroquois raiding parties approaching their villages.

In 1812 the United States declared war on Great Britain and invaded Upper Canada on several occasions. Wasaga Beach became a strategic location at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River leading to Fort Willow and the Nine Mile Portage which was part of the supply line for British forces in the War of 1812 to Fort Michilimackinac and points to the north and west. The Royal Navy schooner HMS Nancy was scuttled in the Nottawasaga River to prevent the Americans from capturing her and her stores.

Lumbering was the main industry for the remainder of the 19th century. Logs were floated downriver and into the bay, gathered at ports to feed local saw mills.

Because Wasaga Beach had sandy soil unsuitable for cultivation, it did not attract early European settlement. In the 1820s the first sign of settlement in the area began as John Goessman surveyed Flos Township. In 1826, land was being sold for four shillings an acre. Though unsuitable for farming, the Wasaga Beach area had an abundance of trees. In the late 1830s and throughout the rest of the century, the logging industry was key to the economy and integral to development of the area. The first permanent settler was John Van Vlack, who arrived in 1869 and founded a settlement on the south side of the Nottawasaga River near its mouth and named it after himself. In 1872, a wooden bridge, the Vanvlack Bridge, was constructed east of the present Main Street bridge to provide access to the beach, then used mainly as a road. The name Wasaga Beach was first used in the area in the late 19th Century.

During the 1900s, families began to discover the beauty of the area. The beach gradually became a place for family picnics and holidays during the summer months, and the first cottages for sale were built. In 1909, a new steel bridge was constructed to replace the Vanvlack Bridge. Wasaga Beach had its beginning as a major resort area when the first beachfront hotel, The Capstan Inn, was opened in 1915 by entrepreneur John McLean in what would later develop into the present Beach One area. In 1918, he opened the Dardanella Dance Hall, and over the next several decades more hotels, venues, and amusements would open. During the 1940s, servicemen stationed at Base Borden, a nearby military base, visited Wasaga Beach’s amusement park, and they made Wasaga Beach known across the country. After the war, Wasaga Beach continued to be a popular place for cottagers and day trippers.

Wasaga Beach entered history’s headlines in 1934. It was the site of departure for the first overseas flight from mainland Canada across the Atlantic to England. A plane, named Trail of the Caribou, used the beach as a makeshift runway.

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Finding the right Wasaga Beach realtor can be challenging. We believe in putting our clients needs and goals first. Service throughout the entire real estate process is our focus. Which includes finding a home for sale by providing new listings first, showing properties, research, writing up offers, negotiating the deal, problem solving, offering referrals for home inspectors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, contractors etc… all the way to closing. Our real estate agent Collingwood team will do everything to provide a seamless and stress free experience.

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A real estate agent in Wasaga Beach is a certified professional who facilitates real estate transactions by matching buyers and sellers and representing them in discussions. Real estate agents are normally paid entirely by commission, a percentage of the property’s purchase price, so their income is contingent on their ability to conclude a transaction. A real estate agent must work for or be linked with a real estate broker (an individual or a brokerage firm) who is more experienced and licensed to a higher degree.

Real estate agents and realtors in Wasaga BEach are licenced by each province rather than the federal government. A real estate “commission” oversees and licences real estate brokers and agents in each state. Some states, for example, only allow lawyers to generate real estate documentation, while others allow both lawyers and licenced real estate agents to do so. State laws govern the types of relationships that can exist between clients and real estate licensees, as well as real estate licensees’ legal obligations to represent clients and members of the public. Rules differ significantly from state to state as determined by law, for example, on what legal wording is required to transfer real property, agency connections, inspections, disclosures, continuing education, and other topics. In most areas in the United States, a person must hold a licence in order to engage in licenced activities, which are regulated by state statutes. The work done “for compensation” is the main component of the criteria for getting a licence to undertake certain activities. As a result, if a person wants to assist a friend in selling or buying a home without expecting any kind of payment in return, a licence is not required to complete all of the work. However, because most individuals expect to be paid for their efforts and talents, a licence would be required by law before someone could be paid for their services as a real estate broker or agent. Unlicensed behaviour is prohibited, and the province state real estate commission has the right to sanction anyone who operate as real estate licensees, however buyers and sellers who act as principals in the sale or purchase of real estate are typically exempt from licencing requirements. It’s worth noting that in some areas, lawyers who are not licenced as brokers or agents manage real estate sales for a fee. Even lawyers, however, can only engage in real estate businesses that are unrelated to their primary profession. It is impossible for a lawyer to become a seller’s selling agent if it is the only service requested by the client. If lawyers want to engage in licenced activities, they must first obtain a broker’s licence. Lawyers, on the other hand, are exempt from the mandatory schooling requirements

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