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Lakeside Pointe Collingwood

Lakeside Pointe is a luxurious waterfront community with a wide variety of spacious 2-4 bedroom homes. If you’re looking to relocate to a lakeside community, which offers plenty of opportunities to spend time exploring the great outdoors, this is one of Collingwood’s best keep secrets, Lakeside Pointe.

While the properties were built by Eden Oak, an award-winning construction company, between 2012-2013, each property has been designed to resemble a traditional New England property.

 if you’re looking for a recently built, modern home which is packed full of modern conveniences but which still offers plenty of charm, it’s well worth considering a move to Lakeside Pointe. Examples of some of the attractive homes include freestanding bungalows, which suit singles and couples and spacious two-story family homes. The latter of which can comfortably accommodate a family of 4-5.

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Lakeside Pointe house for sale

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Collingwood, houses in the serene Lakeside Pointe are a sight to behold. These alluring properties weave the charm of modern living with nature’s tranquility, creating a unique blend that’s tough to resist. The exclusive communities nestled within Lakeside Pointe offer a variety of housing options, catered to meet diverse preferences and requirements. From sprawling bungalows to cozy two story houses, there’s something for everyone.

The properties, designed meticulously, boast an array of bedrooms to accommodate families of varying sizes. Whether it’s a serene vista you crave, or a home that brims with modern amenities, Lakeside Pointe doesn’t disappoint. Alongside the natural beauty around every corner, high attention to detail ensures that these houses echo the epitome of comfortable living – a combination that’s hard to come by elsewhere in Collingwood.

Homes for sale in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood

The picturesque neighbourhood of Lakeside Pointe Collingwood boasts an array of homes that are perfect for all types of families. Each property is a testament to elegant yet comfortable living, with designs that strike a balance between practicality and sophistication. These houses offer ample space for families to grow and develop, with bedrooms that offer an escape from busy days and communal spaces where shared memories come to life.

Among the highlights of these homes are their modern, high-end kitchens. Envision preparing fantastic meals in these well-equipped spaces, as you enjoy picturesque views of the beautiful landscape. Adding to the allure of Lakeside Pointe Collingwood, families will find an array of walking and biking trails, perfect for active weekends and easy commutes to the nearby schools and parks. This makes the community not just a place to live, but a destination for experiencing the ideal balance of urban convenience and natural beauty.

How far is Lakeside Pointe Collingwood from Blue Mountain?

Lakeside Pointe Collingwood to Blue Mountain

Nestled within one of Collingwood’s exclusive communities, Lakeside Pointe, is beautifully positioned beside the impressive backdrop of Blue Mountain. This waterfront community presents an ideal geography, boasting a location just a short distance away from the towering slopes of Blue Mountain. This proximity not only makes it an attractive spot for potential homeowners seeking homes for sale, but also enhances its appeal for those who revel in the natural beauty, and in outdoor and recreational activities.

The property options in Lakeside Pointe, many with stunning views of Blue Mountain are perfect for family living, while also offering the unique charm of a peaceful lakeside locale. Its mere ten-minute drive from Blue Mountain ski resort makes it a hotspot for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. This seamless blend of comfort, prestige, and accessibility that Lakeside Pointe offers makes it standout in real estate options, contributing to a high demand for homes for sale in this area. Thus, whether you are looking for a tranquil abode or an investment, you can find your pick in Lakeside Pointe.

What are the property prices in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

Property prices in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood

Property prices in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood typically vary depending on factors such as the size of the property, its location within the community, and the features it comes with. For instance, single-family homes are often on the higher end of the price spectrum due to their larger floor space and inherent privacy that they offer. This explains why they are highly sought after in the neighborhood by families and individuals desiring more living space.

Most of these homes swell with features such as 2nd floor laundry facilities, adding to the convenience quotient, which in turn has a direct impact on property prices. Not to mention, the interiors of these homes often boast of stunning hardwood floors that lend an elegant touch and durability. Naturally, homes with these additional amenities come with a steeper price tag. As such, prospective homeowners should be ready for the higher investment, assured with the knowledge that they are investing in quality and comfort.

Are there any schools near Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

Living in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood not only offers you a lush and scenic space, but also the convenience of locality. The locale takes pride in hosting a bevvy of reputed schools in and around the vicinity, a detailed list of which can be easily accessed through the school board’s website. From elementary to high schools, the region presents an ideal environment for families aiming for a balanced blend of recreational activities and excellent academic curriculum.

Moreover, the region boasts of quiet neighborhoods complemented by a network of trails perfect for leisurely strolls or spirited biking. These trails also serve as paths leading to these educational institutions, encouraging sustainable and healthy ways of commuting for students. The ample living space provided in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood homes goes hand in hand with this quality of life. For those grappling with real estate questions revolving around the availability of nearby amenities, the presence of such well-established schools only adds to the allure of the housing options in this area.

Are there any parks or green spaces near Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

Living in Lakeside Pointe provides residents with ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreational activities, thanks to the community’s close proximity to several parks and green spaces. These areas offer an incredible setting for picnics and playdates, and make for a stunning view from many of the bungalow style homes here. The charm of living in detached bungalows is elevated by the serene surroundings of rich flora and the blissful loss of city’s hustle and bustle.

A major highlight of this area is the stunning waterfront property options. These properties offer breathtaking views of the listed parks and green spaces, allowing residents to feel a close connection to nature from the comfort of their own homes. From morning jogs along them, to picnics during the weekends, there’s plenty for nature enthusiasts to explore. The presence of parks and green spaces next to residential properties adds significantly to the relaxed way of life cherished by Lakeside Point residents.

What are the amenities in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

Amenities in Lakeside Pointe

Lakeside Pointe Collingwood offers a host of luxurious amenities that cater to the tastes and preferences of its residents. Kitchens adorned with Quartz Countertops and Breakfast Bars prove to be a delight for cooking enthusiasts. The combination of contemporary architecture and stylish interiors presents a perfect living scenario. All homes come well-equipped with gas fireplaces, ensuring a warm and cozy atmosphere during the chilly winter months.

The concept of luxury extends beyond the living room into the primary bedroom as well. These spacious suites, fitted with plush carpeting and an expansive walk-in closet, offer a personal retreat for the homeowners. Amenities such as a two-car garage, high-speed internet, and professional landscaping services further enhance the living experience at Lakeside Pointe Collingwood.

How is the real estate market in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

Real estate market in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood

The real estate market in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood is a surprising mix of unique, attractive properties, with Silver Crescent being a prime example. Its houses are known for their bright, generous, and open-concept layout that easily captures the eye and heart of aspiring homeowners. Providing an adaptable canvas for various tastes and lifestyles, these homes command recognition and interest from buyers far and wide.

Moving through gorgeous corridors, one can’t help but notice the Primary Suite, a highlight of the many luxurious features these properties boast. The suite encapsulates the concept of relaxation and personal space, offering modern, sleek finishes and ample room to retreat. The neighbourhood’s proximity to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital is outstanding along with local amenities, adding another layer of appeal for families and individuals considering making Lakeside Pointe Collingwood their home.

What are the popular activities in Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

In Lakeside Pointe Collingwood, life is brimming with activities that cater to both the adventurous spirit and the nature enthusiast. A broad spectrum of sports and recreational opportunities exists within easy reach. For those who like to maintain an active lifestyle, the numerous walking, running, and cycling paths offer a fantastic way to explore the neighbourhood while keeping fit. In contrast, the serene waters of Georgian Bay welcome canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding enthusiasts for some peaceful time out on the lake.

As for indoor pursuits, Lakeside Pointe houses an array of entertainment venues. The area’s dining perfect spots offer a wide variety of cuisine, from fine dining affairs to relaxed, family-owned restaurants serving hearty comfort food. Markets and boutique shops brimming with unique finds are scattered throughout the town, promising an exciting shopping experience. For arts and culture buffs, there are art galleries and a theatre in the vicinity, setting the stage for engaging and thought-provoking encounters with the arts. In summary, Lakeside Pointe is a neighbourhood that champions diversity and accessibility, meeting the needs of its residents through a blend of active and passive recreational opportunities.

Are there any healthcare facilities near Lakeside Pointe Collingwood?

For residents of Lakeside Pointe, Collingwood, access to quality healthcare is both convenient and swift. Collingwood General and Marine Hospital is just a short drive away, offering comprehensive medical services. Its myriad offerings include emergency care, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as specialty clinics. The hospital boasts a team of highly skilled doctors and medical staff, hence offering peace of mind to the community dwellers.

Additionally, the vicinity also houses several reputable dental clinics, physiotherapy centers, chiropractic clinics and other specialised healthcare facilities. For older residents, a cluster of nursing homes and senior care facilities in the region further offer comprehensive long-term and palliative care. Thus, the accessibility and array of healthcare provisions in the vicinity make Lakeside Pointe a desirable, family-friendly and well-rounded community for both young and elderly alike.

What is the trail system like at Lakeside Point compared to Creekside?

The trail system at Lakeside Point in Collingwood offers a waterfront living experience with access to the Collingwood Waterfront Trail, ideal for scenic walks and outdoor activities. In comparison, Creekside in Collingwood provides a network of trails that connect various parts of the town, offering a different trail experience within the community. Both do connect with the Georgian Trail.
The Georgian Trail runs between Collingwood and Meaford along the south coast of Georgian Bay. It begins/ends in the east at Collingwood’s Harbourview Park and near Meaford Harbour in the west, covering a distance of 34 kilometers. The trail offers beautiful scenery, a great view of the lake at Northwinds Beach, and is described as flat, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts

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