Summit View House for sale in Collingwood Ontario

Summit View Collingwood - House for sale

If you looking for a new house for sale in Collingwood make sure to see Summit View. Located at the South end of Collingwood surrounded by open fields and tree lined rivers. Convenient for commuting due to it's proximity to High Street and Poplar Side Road.

Style of Homes for sale at Summit View

Homes for sale Summit View Collingwood

The majority of the homes are two story craftsmen style design.  Near the entrance to High Street there are many Town houses and Semi Detached homes. As you drive further into the centre of the subdivision the larger detached homes begin.

Summit View Collingwood Location

Summit View Collingwood location

Summit View Devonleigh Homes

Summit View Devonleigh Homes

Devonleigh Homes has built a number of quality homes in central Ontario including 3 locations in the Collingwood  and Blue mountain area. The homes are well built and the community they have created are well mantained and beautiful.  Devonleigh Homes has proven themselves time and time again to produce excellent homes and moderate prices.

Summit View Prices

Summit View prices

The subdivision started to sell 2019 and the home pricing at that time started at the mid 400's with Townhomes and upward to low 700s for fully detached 2 door garage homes.

Summit View and Real Estate Agents

Summit View - Real estate agent

Great news for new comers to the area Summit View does work with real estate agents.  So if you have been working with a realtor Devonleigh will accommodate the hard work your realtor has done for you.

If you need a local Real Estate Agent in the Collingwood or Blue Mountain area contact Jill Does at 705-331-3341