The name Wasaga Beach is derived from the word Nottawasaga Bay. Nottawasaga Beach is a bit of a mouthful.  Wasaga Beach sounds way more adventurous. There are plenty of other types of adventures in the surrounding areas. It’s a beach destination in the summertime but during the winter months its great for going downhill & cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and more. It has turned into a 4 season town.

The History of Nancy Island Wasaga Beach.

Whether you’re on vacation or looking at real estate listings, the history of Wasaga Beach is interesting. Nancy Island which sits in the Nottawasaga River, is actually a major Canadian historical landmark for the turning point in the war of 1812, there is a museum containing a hull of a ship that sank at that time. Wasaga Beach has gone from a forested area with Algonquin natives to part of a wartime supply route and a battle site, to an early logging area where the river was used to transport the logs to Collingwood, the first bridge, wooden, the Van Vlack bridge was built in 1872 followed by a steel bridge in 1909. The first hotel opened up in the late 1800s and at the turn of the century with more roads and rail systems more hotels opened, thus beginning the tourist destination Wasaga Beach. Another interesting historical fact is that in 1934 Wasaga Beach was the runway for the first successful flight from Canada to England, due to the long hard packed beach.

Wildly enough even though the area has such a long history, and was a destination for nearly a century Wasaga Beach only became a town in 1974. Since the early 2000s many changes have occurred, Wasaga Beach has turned from a cottage town and a beach day destination to a real year round community. After the 2006 Census Wasaga Beach was named the fastest growing town in Ontario and 7th fastest in Canada. The development of amenities has been fast & furious with a Real Canadian Superstore, Canadian Tire, Walmart and larger Shoppers Drug Mart & LCBO among others, the chain restaurants have also arrived along with fast food Swiss Chalet & Boston Pizza fill a long time void.

Living in Wasaga Beach is very different than even 30 years ago, the services, amenities and community are vastly different. The houses have also changed from cottages and a few year round homes to a majority of permanent residents calling it home.

Wasaga Beach Nancy Island

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