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Timber Challenge High Ropes

Timber Challenge High Ropes

The Timber Challenge High Ropes are a fun challenge that will get your adrenaline pumping! Each adventure course (green, blue, and black) was created to present a new and more challenging task than the one before it.
Guests are suspended from a guide-line in the forest and go through the courses from tree to tree, encountering hard components and their own personal height and adventure thresholds. Suspension bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines, and more are among the 75 aerial features found on Timber Challenge’s seven rope courses. Green (beginners), Blue (intermediate), and Black (advanced) courses rise to a height of 15.2 metres (50 feet) above the forest floor (expert).

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  • Equipment Rental
  • Large Groups Welcome
  • Washroom
  • Fee for Use
  • Lessons Offered
  • Guided Hikes / Tours
  • Parking


Timber Challenge High Ropes Reviews

“This course is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun!”

“The staff is extremely pleasant and helpful in determining which course is best for you. They are also extremely helpful and supportive during the entire course! All of them deserve a shout-out!”

“We had a fantastic (but exhausting) experience!”

“To everyone who claims it’s too pricey, tree top trekking courses in southern Ontario are no more expensive. It’s also a good investment. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’ll be well worth it. Amazing difficulties and a lot of fun. It’s easy to lose track of time. For people of all fitness levels. Thank you so much for the fantastic time my kids and I had yesterday on the Timber Challenge High Ropes course. I’d want to express my gratitude to one of your staff who assisted us during the training. He was extremely helpful, and he instilled confidence in my children by making them laugh their fears away. I’d want to know the employee’s name so that I can address this review to him and remember to thank him when we return! He had a lot of tattoos and dark hair when I met him.
Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

“Our group of five teenagers found the personnel to be really accommodating. The instructions were well-structured to ensure that everyone felt at ease and was safe. We overhear a couple of different lecturers addressing a couple of different groups as spectators.”

“And the instructions remained the same. Before moving forward, they were all clear and assured that everyone was on the same page.”

“Staff were fast to assist anyone in distress or needing aid while on the high ropes. Anyone interested in trying this should be aware of their limitations and keep things simple at first. This can be really taxing. To avoid the long trek up and down the hill, I would suggest extra chairs at the high ropes and possibly washrooms closer to the location. We thought the entertainment was adequate for the price.”

“My boyfriend and I decided to try the first two levels of this course to see how far we could get (green 2 & blue 1). What a whirlwind of an adventure! We had to work together to get through it, and we needed a lot of encouragement to keep going since once you start, there’s no turning back (plus you’re about 50 feet up in the trees lol).”

“Despite some difficult and demanding moments, particularly on the blue course, our guide Aaron was fantastic! He guided us through some of the more difficult challenges, taking our minds off our unsteady legs and aching hands. He had a knack for knowing when to make us laugh and when to keep us focused.”

Timber Challenge High Ropes Hours and Map

Current Hours

Daily, 10am – 6pm

Admission includes 90 minutes of access on Timber Challenge High Ropes. The last Timber experience operates 90 minutes prior to scheduled closing times listed above.

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