Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage in Collingwood is one of 4 locations serving the Southern Georgian Bay area, including Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Thornbury, Wasaga Beach and surrounding areas. The Trinity Realty Brokerage has been owned & operated locally since 1996, and Royal LePage Real Estate has been a Canadian company since 1913. Across Canada there are now 14,000+ REALTORS® in the Royal LePage family. This strong network is highly referral based, so if a move from one town to another is required, we can find a great Realtor to help you, on the other side.

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I have been with Trinity Realty since 2007, it is a group of professional, caring Realtors that work together as a team. It is also a progressive company delving into new technologies to keep us up to date. Our front office uses a computerized system for showings to make sure that clients and all Realtors involved know about showings and any changes. Offers can be done on paper or totally paperless in a secure and legal transaction. Making doing a real estate deal while you are on holidays, or just somewhere without a printer & scanner possible, simple & legal. We use DealTap which goes above and beyond compliance for <span class=”dark-grey”>The Electronic Commerce Act</span>. Making your deal safe & secure.

Our the Southern Georgian Bay Real Estate Board also has electronic lockboxes. These lockboxes are Bluetooth enabled, they can be accessed with a Realtors card (which must be updated on a regular basis to work) plus has an access code. Each time a card is used the box logs the entry which is then uploaded to the main lockbox system for the listing Realtor/Brokerage to see. This is the safest method to provide Collingwood Realtor access to your property.

The Royal LePage goal is to exceed client expectations, and that is my personal goal as well. If you are thinking about buying or selling please

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Driving along the streets of Collingwood you will notice a large number of century homes that have been well maintained & restored. This is due to the strongly held beliefs of the town & local historical society. They have had a major influence in maintaining an historical feel throughout the architecture of the whole town including new buildings. It makes for a beautiful town with character, differentiating it from other small towns. As beautiful as they may seem, restoring historic homes is not for everyone. The following is a list of items that you need to research if you are buying a Historic home in Collingwood.

One of the most important and one of the most expensive items  is the home’s foundation. The majority of century homes in Collingwood do not have a basement, some come with a crawl space and some with just a utility room. The first item to check is the construction of the foundation. Foundations today are made of concrete and rebar, most century home foundations are stone and mortar and there are some made of Cedar piers. Cedar piers are the most prone to failing, due to moisture on wood, which creates rot or deterioration. We always strongly recommend a credible home inspection, but for century homes you might also want to include a structural engineer during the inspection process. If you have a concrete foundation be sure to inspect if there are any areas of cracking. Cracks in foundations can lead to moisture entering the basement or crawl space. If you do see cracks and moisture you need to address these areas as soon as possible, leaving it for even a season can lead to major issues, so correcting the issue as soon as possible is important to maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

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A lot goes into the preparation to sell your house. I have just gone Collingwood Real Estate through the process for the first time since becoming a Sales Representative & Realtor® in 2007. I think it’s a great exercise just to remind me what my clients are going through. The first step is the decision that it is time to sell, whether it was planned a long time before or it is a last minute decision getting your mind around the idea of selling, packing & moving is the first step. The next step is to start getting your house ready to be sold fast. This is a good time to contact me, I can give you guidance on things to do to prepare your home. Here are a few things to get you going.

Go through your house with an objective eye (this can be very difficult), write down everything that needs to be fixed, tightened, oiled, painted, stained, thrown out or replaced. cupboard
Start picking away at these. Next, tidy up, tidy closets, storage areas, dressers etc. when you move you will end up sorting through everything anyway, so do it now and pack things away. If you can, getting a storage unit will get the boxes out of the house and make the house seem more spacious. The more empty space the better, Buyers want to see where their stuff will fit. Make all closets and storage areas organized and orderly, especially if they can’t be empty. Once you have all the organization and repairs done it is time to do a major cleaning!

Even if your house is clean it can never be too clean for a potential buyer. So do all those spots that you have been meaning to do, or never thought of… people will notice if you don’t! Clean window frames & the tracks, get the dust bunnies out of fans and those mysterious flies that somehow get into light fixtures.

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Once you have finished cleaning you can look at the staging of your home. I will help guide you through the process of getting your house ready for the Collingwood Real Estate Market. If you are thinking about listing your house start working on your house and give me a call or email me and we can talk about the rest of the process to listing your house.