History of Collingwood Ship Building

Collingwood, like many other Ontario towns has an interesting history, the officially this town started in 1858, with early settlers living here in 1832! But for years and years before that, Collingwood was Iroquois land.

Named for Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, Collingwood was incorporated in 1855, and a new railway connected Collingwood to Toronto for the transport of goods, materials and people. A huge shipping industry was started here in Collingwood (on the Nottawasaga Bay) in Georgian Bay, and connected Toronto through to the Great Lakes. It was an access point to the Canadian West as well as the United States, and was an emigration point so busy that there was an American Consulate here in Collingwood. With so much shipping, shipbuilding also became a major industry in Collingwood, that lasted a long time.

Collingwood continued to be known for its industrial facilities, with some major manufacturing plants, and more recently breweries, which are becoming popular, along with a very well known thriving tourism industry. Just on the outskirts of town Collingwood has its own airport, while it may not be the biggest one out there, it serves the area well.

Now the town of Collingwood is best known for it’s tourism industry. It’s known for being a great year round vacation destination, with plenty of skiing and snowboarding as well as summertime beach activities, hiking, biking and boating to enjoy. With undoubtedly the best skiing in Ontario, outdoor recreation abounds with fresh clean water and air. The food and retail landscape has been keeping up to the demand of tourism and influx of city dwellers moving up for weekends and full time. With high end restaurants & specialty shops, so no one is left wanting. Collingwood is a great place to raise a family and have properties to suit everyone’s style.

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