Collingwood is a very unique town, it sits on Georgian Bay, about 1-3/4hrs from Toronto. It’s origins are in shipping being a major train station & shipping port in the 1800s. Since then Collingwood and the surrounding towns of The Blue Mountains, Thornbury and Wasaga Beach have become a world wide known tourist area, an outdoor enthusiast’s ideal home, retirement living goal and entrepreneur mecca.

A small town with many different types of people but all with one similar desire, be in a outdoor centeric town…

It isn’t unusual for kids to be picked up from school by parents in their ski clothes to head to lessons or a family night of skiing or snow boarding.

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Collingwood is known for its ski chalets and condos, but is quickly becoming the hot location to build a custom dream home.  If you research local markets you will see Collingwood has a steady growth of building permits for custom homes.  A large geographical area in close proximity to tourist attractions like Georgian Bay, Blue Mountain Resort, plus affordable lot prices are the key factors to influence Collingwood’s urban growth.

If you are considering building in Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach or Thornbury area, you need to consider the following hidden costs:

  1. Building permits, with or without septic systems.
  2. Water and electric service hook ups.
  3. Development fees.
  4. Demolition permits for existing structures.

    Real Estate Listing Collingwood Ontario

    People talk about last night’s sunset, while they were out on their SUP. Friends have bike night, ski night, etc, with drinks at a local pub to follow. With trails for walking, hiking, running, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc in every direction there is something for every one.

    The other attractive quality of Collingwood and area is the urban influence, with so many weekenders from Toronto the restaurants are great, the specialty shops abound (cheese shops, olive oil, organic smoothies and more) and boutiques & stores provide high end products & services. You will not be left wanting.

    The homes in Collingwood Range from waterfront homes and condos, to established neighbourhoods, new homes, century homes and war time homes, many newly updated. The Collingwood real estate listings, like most markets are constantly changing, our market has its own unique pattern. Currently we are having a faster than normal pace with shorter listing periods and more frequent multiple offer situations.

    If you would like to keep a closer eye on a particular type of property let me know & I can send you the newest listings before they hit the market.

Real Estate Listings in Collingwood.

One of the hardest parts of building your dream home is finding the perfect lot.  The search can be long and tedious if going it alone, having an agent is the best way to narrow the field down.  The information of a local agent can be invaluable when it comes to lot issues that are not well known or advertised. For example there is some prime real estate in Collingwood that has taken over 15 years to develop.  A local agent knows why it’s taken so long to fill the development.  A non-local will not know the effects of the local industry, traffic, watercourses, etc. on these lots.

Once you have established a working relationship with an agent, you will find a multitude of wonderful building lots to build you dream home.  Send me an email and let me help you find your perfect custom home or building lot.