Collingwood Real Estate for Sale by Owner… Should I do it?

On the surface it seems like a good idea, you will get a sign at the hardware store, post the listing on Facebook and you will have people knocking at your door with an offer, right?

Well, yes you will have people knocking at your door, at 8:30 when you are trying to leave the house, at 6:00 when your dinner is burning as you are telling them the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, during your kid’s birthday party and likely when you are trying to put them to bed… You have a sign outside For Sale by Owner, that is an OPEN sign. The buyers feel in control…

Logistics, in Collingwood we have just as many if not more showings mid-week during the day, than evenings & weekends. If you are listing your house yourself, you will have to be at home for all showings, so not only does the house have to be ready, so do you. Your schedule has to be free at a possibly an hours notice and you will need to be there for the hour while they look. You may have a flexible job that allows this.

In my experience with buyers, when a home owner has decided they need to stay during a showing, for whatever reason, the showings are always half to a quarter of the time of any other showing those same buyers typically take on another house. They generally say less to each other and feel like they are being rude & intruding on the homeowners space. Whereas if no one is home, they will discuss what they do and don’t like, potential ideas of how to make it their own. They feel free to be there because the seller is a vague concept at this point.

When you use a Realtor your listing is posted on MLS, our Brokerage website, our Corporate website and the Realtor’s website. The sign out front is a Brokerage sign, so people know what to do. Call the number or call their Realtor to find out about it and book a showing. If someone knocks on your door you say “Thanks for your interest, our Realtor would be more than happy to talk to you about it.” They can then call me during dinner 🙂

For showings they will be booked through our office, at a time convenient for you, we propose the Buyers time, you say yes or no, we break the news if it’s a no and let them know what is convenient for you and they can work around it. It gives you control to not be the one directly discussing it. The showing occurs while you are at work, shopping, at the kids soccer game, just living your life. The showings will be more productive and less stressful for you.

If you are looking for Collingwood Real Estate for Sale by Owner please contact us.